Poor old Stanley dog!

Our lovely black Labrador Stanley is showing his age. Back in March he hit the grand old age of 11 and in the months since he’s really started to struggle.

Stanley Dog

He’s now on a variety of different tablets to help his ageing body cope. Although his hair has become grey and he’s starting to look like an old man, our beloved Stanley is still going strong at heart.

As soon as he gets up onto the moors he runs around like the puppy he once was. Back and forth, into the bushes searching for whatever he thinks may be there. Is it a ball, a stick or some form of animal. I dont really know and to be honest as long as he’s happy in his old age I don’t really care.

The one thing we have noticed as he gets older is his bowel movements. Unfortunately he started to have a few accidents around the house!

Now although this is rather unpleasant, the vet has been very good and given us some great advice and help. Good old Stan is still full of energy and not struggling too much so the vet’s been happy to prescribe some tablets to help settle his stomach.

Luckily for us, the main smelly problem has stopped, apart from the odd tiny accident which we are happy to cope with.

Last week, the Mrs and Kids went to Whitsand Bay in Cornwall, which is one of our favourite places to visit. Now this used to be a one of Stanley’s favourite places to visit also but in recent times we have decided not to take him due to the steep steps leading up from the beach. Well, last week we decided that he was looking a bit more agile and so off he went!

What a surprise, bounding, splashing, running around like a baffoon! Mrs said she hadn’t seen him so active in ages.

Good old Stanley Dog, I know that your time is limited but I hope you will carry on for a while longer yet!!!

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