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Our Eurocamp Summer Holiday

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our-eurocamp-summer-holidayOur Eurocamp Summer Holiday this year was to the stunning Saint Avit Loisirs Campsite in the Dordogne region of France and boy did we make a fantastic choice!

We always decide where to go on holiday as a family as in my opinion it’s just as important for the kids to be involved in the decision as it is for us and this year was no exception.

The first thing we generally do is to see if the kids are happy to go to France or whether they’d fancy somewhere different. Up until now they always been really happy with us going camping in France. The next thing we do is me and the Mrs find a selection of different campsites in France and then give the kids a choice over which ones they’d like to stay at.


This year there were a number of campsites to choose from but they picked Saint Avit Loisirs, with Eurocamp which we haven’t visited before.

I always find this to be quite a good way to do it as they have somewhere where they are used too along with another place which is completely different!

We decided again to travel from Dover to Calais by ferry as this was the cheapest and quickest way for us to cross the channel.

Well our week at Saint Avit Loisirs was spectacular! We arrived late Saturday afternoon following a long drive but the kids faces when we did finally arrive made up for it.

As we approached the campsite you could see the swimming pool complex from the road. The kids faces lit up with delight as they saw the variety of swimming pools and slides all around.

Saint Avit Loisirs is one campsite where you can only choose to stay at accommodation provided by the campsite themselves or via Eurocamp in one of there accommodation types.

You can see that the staff and owners of Saint Avit Loisirs have spent a long time over the layout of the campsite. The reception, bar, shop, restaurant, play area and swimming pools are all located near to the entrance and are all in close proximity to each other meaning you can quite easily keep an eye on the kids when they’re playing.

The accommodation we chose for our holiday was the Esprit 3 bedroom mobile home. It was located near to the end of the accommodation area which was brilliant as it meant that we had lots of space for the kids to play in. The Esprit came with air conditioning which was a welcomed benefit and the decking area made a great place for us to sit and eat the majority of our meals, especially those wonderful summer bbq’s!


Eurocamp Couriers and Clubs

Although we never tend to use the children’s clubs, we always take a look at the area provided for them. The space available was fantastic with lots of fields and open area. I was especially impressed with the Eurocamp couriers. On the second day of our holiday, one of the Eurocamp couriers came to our mobile home and asked us if our children wanted to attend the kids clubs on any of the days. The great thing about this, was the fact they were aware of all of our children’s ages and came prepared with the different clubs and activities that would suit each child which was very impressive.

The Swimming Pool


We always tend to pick campsites with great swimming pools as this is one thing that the kids love to do on holiday. Saint Avit Loisirs fitted the bill perfectly as their swimming pool area is fantastic. The complex is spread out over the side of a hill, just below the bar and restaurant area and they’ve made great use of the slopes to help with provision of the fantastic slides.

As you enter the swimming pool area there’s a couple of decent sized swimming pools and a single older slide. As you make your way further along, there’s a brilliant long twisty slide which is quite fast and then finally two more slides for which you need inflatables, another swimming pool which is suitable for children and finally a water jet area for the younger ones.

Although there are quite a few sun loungers it’s well worth getting to the pool early to avoid missing out. One thing you need to remember though is that you’re not allowed to leave your towels on a sun lounger for a long time if you are not using the pool. Lifeguards do patrol the area and will remove towels from sun loungers if you have not been there for a while.

Other Facilities

The play area was very popular with our kids of an evening. There’s a variety of slides and play equipment along with several table tennis tables and an enclosed outside gym area.


With the play area being so close to the bar and restaurant, it’s a great was to spend an evening with you being able to sit down and relax with a glass of wine or beer whilst the kids continue with their fun.


We ate at the restaurant on one evening and had a take away for another and i have to say that both the volume and quantity of the food was very good.

Although most on site supermarkets are usually more expensive, the one at Saint Avit Loisirs wasn’t that bad. Prices were slightly higher but for emergencies and the odds and sods you tend to forget when you go shopping, it was more that adequate.


One of the great things about the campsite is it’s close proximity to plenty of things to do.

The supermarket is around 10-15 minutes drive away, for those that want to stock up and there are plenty of great places to explore.

We took a trip to the Chateau de Castelnaud which took us about an hour to get to. We also visited La Roque Gageac and friends of ours also took a canoe trip down the Dordogne.


Saint Avit Loisirs is such a great campsite, we are already planning to go back in 2017!

We loved our holiday with Eurocamp and can’t wait to book again next year.

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