Fire Pit Vs Chiminea

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Ok so we’ve been cracking on with the garden transformation and apart from some really bad weather which meant we had both rain and snow over a prolonged period of time we’ve not done too bad.

The concrete slab had been laid for the new patio and I have shovelled around 2 ton of gravel to cover the bottom section of out garden.

Fire Pit Vs Chiminea

My next question however is whether to get a fire pit or chiminea or maybe even both. We are planning to use the large top patio for gathering with family and friends when we are able to when Covid finally disappears nd the smaller patio for just the two of us.

I was thinking about having the fire pit on the large patio and then maybe a chiminea on the small one but I am really not too sure. There are some lovely cast iron Chimineas out there and also some lovely more traditional clay Chimineas.

The main aim is for the small patio to be used for just the adults and small groups of friends we have over whilst the large patio is going to be for family gatherings so I recon we are going to need something a little larger.

As soon as we’ve decided which ones we are going to have I will pop a post up to let you know!

Just to update, we ended up buying both! We decided upon a fire pit for the larger patio and then a chiminea from La Hacienda for the smaller patio. I Will update you with photos as soon as we get to use them both.

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