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Fernworthy Reservoir

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Fernworthy Reservoir is located near to Chagford in Devon and was constructed between 1936 and 1942.

The reservoir is surrounded by forest and moorland and covers approximately 37 hectares. At it’s deepest point, when full, the reservoir is around 64ft deep and holds somewhere in the region of 380 million gallons.

Fernworthy Old Bridge

During the building of Fernworthy Reservoir various buildings and structures became submerged beneath the waters including prehistoric hut circles , remains of farm walls, gate posts and the very impressive stone bridge and 400 year old clapper bridge which once stood of over the river.


When levels at the reservoir are very low these wonderful historic objects can be seen. The last time they were fully visable was in 2003, however due to low water levels at Fernworthy Reservoir this year we managed to get a couple of photos of both the bridges in all their glory.



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