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Family Day Out Saltram House

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Family Day out Saltram House

Family Day Out Saltram House

Today we had a fun family day out at Saltram House near Plymouth.

Saltram House is a National Trust property which can be found in the Plympton area of Plymouth overlooking the River Plym. The estate was home to the Parker family and the house is absolutely fantastic.

When you visit Saltram House you have a variety of things to do and see. We’ve been to the Saltram House estate many times in the past but as a family have never ventured inside the house. The estate has many places to walk, ride your bike, walk your dog and have fun but today we decided to skip the walking and just head off inside the house.

Saltram House

The architecture at Saltram House is fantastic. The outside of the house is outstanding and there’s plenty to see inside. There are a plethora of paintings by many different artists with several of the estate itself which were painted for the family. Those paintings show in detail how the estate once looked including the estuary where now the train rolls by and where there are a number of houses on the opposite bank.

Messing around at Saltram House

Also within the house are a variety of different rooms where you can discover who the family would have once lived. The kitchen area was most impressive with it’s huge range of cooking articles from the past. We also loved looking at the large ballroom with it’s wonderful painted ceiling.

Saltram House Fun

One of the best things about Saltram House are the grounds in which this wonderful monument sit. There are acres of woodland walks some of which take you along the Plym Estuary which on a sunny day offers some particularly wonderful views. To add to the house and land you find a great pond near to the shop and house where there are always plenty of ducks for the kids to feed. Ours love to stand there feeding the ducks for ages.

Duck Pond at Saltram House

If you’re looking for a great day out with plenty of history combined with lots of nature walks, then head on over the Saltram House. These wonderful National Trust properties really do provide a fantastic day out for all the family!

Ducks at Saltram House

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