Evening Dartmoor Walk

Every evening one of us gets out of the house with Stan the dog for a while for his evening walk. Yesterday was my chance to get out of the madhouse and take him for a run on Dartmoor near to our house.

As i’ve said previously we are extremely lucky to live where we do and i think that these several photos probably prove my point!

The first was taken with a view over to Brentor. Brentor is quite well recognised due to the fact that there is a lovely church located on the top of the tor.


The second photo is of some of the local Dartmoor sheep. There are plenty of these little chaps all over Dartmoor and it’s quite a pleasant sound and sight.

Dartmoor SheepI don’t think i really need to say much about the last photo which i though was just a cracking view and showed off why i feel so lucky to live on Dartmoor and in Devon.
Dartmoor View

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