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Double Waters, Tavistock

Double Waters is located near to Tavistock in, Dartmoor National Park.

It is called Double Water because it is where the River Walkham meets the River Tavy and join into a single river. The river then flows downstream where it finally joins with the River Tamar.

The area is truly stunning and is extremely popular with dog walkers, wild swimmers and walkers.

How to get to Double Waters

Although there are plenty of ways to get to Double Waters, the easiest is from Tavistock. If you plan to drive then you simply head along Brook Lane which runs behind Morrison’s and keep going until you come to a large open patch of moorland. Here there is plenty of parking and a path that will lead you all the way down into the valley. Once alongside the river simply head downstream until you come to where they meet.

The views as you walk down the track are lovely with plenty of opportunities to take photos of the valley and woodland.

We headed there for the morning as it’s only down the road from where we live. We also took Alfie, our sproodle who absolutely loves water of any kind.

Alfie the Sproodle

As soon as we got near to the water Alfie was gone. Off he ran and jumped straight into the water and swam around. Although it was a little deep he loved every minute.

Here he is after getting out on one occasion absolutely sopping wet!

The great thing about the area is that there are plenty of little beaches where you can sit along with some deep patches of water which are great for swimming.

After splashing around for an hour or so it was time for lunch. The perfect lunch treat for the boys is a pasty and although it wasn’t from one of our local bakeries they loved them all the same!

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