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Brittany Ferries 2017

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Brittany Ferries 2017

We’ll we’ve booked our camping holiday in France for 2017 and this time the in-laws are coming with us and we’ve booked with Brittany Ferries for a change.

After a long search we’ve ended up booking up at Les Alicourts in the Loire again for another year!

For the last two years of holidaying in France, we’ve always driven to Dover and crossed the channel from Dover to Calais.

Now driving from the southwest to Dover was a bit of a pain last year due to the problems at the port. Although we didn’t have massive delays, the long journey and then the short delay was a little boring for the kids.  This year however will be completely different as we are traveling from Plymouth to Roscoff. The Plymouth to Roscoff ferry can be a little expensive at peak times of the year, however when you book your accommodation with Brittany Ferries as well, the price is substantially reduced making it considerably more affordable.

We chose Les Alicourts again this year due to it’s fantastic array of facilities and activities on offer. The kids love the swimming pool and especially the new slides that were put in last year and the lake and it’s beach are fantastic for swimming. We also thought that all of the onsite facilities and activities along with the vast choice of laces to visit nearby would be good for the whole family as well as the grandparents to visit.

Les Alicourts Beach
Les Alicourts

We’ll give you a full update on the holiday once the summer comes around!

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